Medical Advisory

Uscom was founded on world leading science combined with sophisticated translational research, and outstanding science remains a cornerstone of the future of Uscom. Uscom is aligned with world leaders in multiple clinical disciplines and benefits from their scientific guidance and their close engagement with the Uscom team. The Uscom Medical Advisory Board acts as a conduit for these world opinion leaders to feed their ideas and advice into the Uscom product development process, and assist in the identification and development of new and promising medical technologies for that may be of value for the Company.

Uscom has a number of eminent global luminaries represented on its MAB including Professor Colin Sullivan, the inventor of ResMed's nasal CPAP for treating obstructive sleep apnea and former Chairman of ResMed's Medical Advisory Board. Other members of the MAB include world recognized specialists in invasive cardiology, hypertension, heart failure, anaesthesia, critical care medicine, electrophysiology and biomedical engineering.

Rob Phillips

Associate Professor Rob Phillips - Chairman

PhD (Med), MPhil (Med)

Chief Scientist of Uscom, Critical Care Research, University of Queensland

Rob Phillips is the inventor of USCOM.

Rob Phillips has a PhD(Med) and an MPhil(Med) from the School of Medicine at the University of Queensland awarded for research in the field of ultrasonic measurement of cardiovascular function. Rob is also the recipient of an Australian Post Graduate Award and was a finalist in the Google, Time, CNN, NYSX World Technology Awards in 2004 for health and medicine innovations most likely to change the lives of people worldwide. He is a teacher, author and researcher in the field of ultrasound and cardiovascular monitoring and a recognised pioneer in the field of digital Ultrasound. Rob’s innovative research in cardiac ultrasound, haemodynamics and circulation has earned him international recognition and he is a frequent presenter at international conferences. Rob is an Associate Professor of Cardiovascular Physiology and Ultrasound Monitoring with the Critical Care Research Group, The School of Medicine, The University of Queensland.

Rob Phillips is the inventor of USCOM and author of over 30 patents, 30 publications and multiple international presentations on cardiovascular measurement and application. Rob is the founder of Uscom Ltd, and took the Company to public listing. Rob has over 10yrs as Chairman and CEO of an ASX listed Medical Technology Company and has raised over $20m in seed capital.


Stephane Carlier

Dr Stephane Carlier


Invasive Cardiologist, Biomedical Engineer, UMONS

Stephane Carlier brings a valuable international perspective to USCOM.

In addition to Stephane's extensive work in cardiology, he has been a recognized innovator in the field of Biomedical Engineering, bringing unique academic as well as practical experience to the company.

Qualifications and Training

Stephane completed his high school education in 1984 at the Athenee Royal in Ath, Belgium. In this period, he started to build experimental devices to participate in the young investigators awards of the "Jeunesses Scientifiques de Belgique". He was laureate in the junior category in 1981 with a reproduction of a Bell telephone, transmitting voice using modulated-intensity light. He was laureate in the senior category in 1983 with an experimental ECG system. He was also twice the laureate of the "Federation des Associations d'Informaticiens de Belgique" for software solving chemical steochiometric equations in 1982 and another one to teach music in 1984.

He started medical school in the Free University of Brussels (ULB), Belgium in 1984. He was awarded a Prix Fleurisse Mercier in 1984 and 1985.

Stephane started work in 1985 as a student-assistant in the "Centre do Calcul Scientifique". Later, he worked in the cardiology department of the Hospital Universitaire Saint Pierre, developing software for the processing of Doppler echocardiographic signals. Laureate of an IBM research and travel grant in 1986, he spent one month in the IBM Watson Research Centre in Yorktown Heights, NY. With his improved experimental ECG system interfaced to a familiar PC to compute vectocardiograms, he won in 1987 the prize of the "Ordres des Indenieurs du Quebec" during the Expo-Sciences Internationale in Laval, Quebec.

He graduated as a Doctor of Medicine suma cum laude at ULB in 1991. He started his fellowship in Internal Medicine in 1991 at the Hospital Universitaire Saint Pierre, where he trained in Cardiology from 1993 to 1996 and was Laureate of the Belgian Society of Cardiology in 1994. He obtained the special license in Cardiology from ULB in 1996 suma cum laude.

Fellow of the Belgian American Educational Foundation and of NATO in 1997, he studied non-invasive Doppler echocardiography at the Cleveland Clinic Foundation under the supervision of Professor J. D. Thomas. He is currently Director of Intravascular Imaging and Physiology at the Cardiovascular Research Foundation, New York.

Recent Publication

 In 2001, Stephane Carlier published a 318 page study on ultrasound and the heart called: "A Clinician's Contribution to Biomedical Engineering in Experimental Echocardiography".


Colin Sullivan

Professor Colin Sullivan


Professor Sullivan is one of the founders of ResMed, an Australian BioTech success story.

He brings to USCOM invaluable experience in research, clinical practice, medical device development and international business.

As the inventor of ResMed's internationally successful nasal CPAP device for treating obstructive sleep apnea, Professor Sullivan is recognized as a world leader in the study of sleep disorders.

Professor Sullivan was responsible for the development of sleep medicine in Australia and formed the first multi-disciplinary sleep clinic and sleep laboratory at the Royal Prince Alfred Hospital in the early 1980's which in turn was developed into the Centre for Respiratory Failure and Sleep Disorders. He was also responsible for establishing the two major Paediatric Sleep Disorders Centres at the New Children's Hospital and the Sydney Children's Hospital. He currently runs a major research program through the David Read Laboratory at the University of Sydney.

Professor Sullivan is a Fellow of the Royal Australasian College of Physicians, and is a Fellow of both the Australian Academy of Technological Sciences and Engineering, and the Australian Academy of Science.


Malcolm West

Professor Malcolm West


Dr West is Professor of Medicine at the University of Queensland. He is a consultant specialist Cardiologist with interests in the diagnosis and treatment of subjects with cardiac disease and hypertension.

Malcolm West has had more than 30 years research experience in the field of cardiovascular physiology and medicine. He has worked in Universities in Sydney, Adelaide and Brisbane as well as in the United Kingdom and the United States. He has over 100 publications relating to the heart and circulation in the research literature.

He has an active research program with an emphasis on the translation of basic science research into clinical applications.


Chu Pak Lau

Professor Chu-Pak Lau


Professor Lau is a world authority in Cardiology and particularly Electrophysiology, including the management of patients with cardiac pacemakers and defibrillators.

He is a scientist of international standing who adds enormous strength to the range of skills and experience within USCOM. Professor Lau is the Academic Division Chief and Chair Professor of the Cardiology Division of the Department of Medicine at Hong Kong University and Queen Mary Hospital, Hong Kong.

Professor Lau is a member of the Board of the International Cardiac Pacing and Electrophysiology Society (ICPES) and is the author of numerous scientific papers published in the world's most prestigious cardiology publications.

In February 2003, Professor Lau was the Secretary General and Chairman of the Scientific Programme Committee of the 12th World Congress on Cardiac Pacing and Electrophysiology.

He has been conducting clinical trials with the Ultrasonic Cardiac Output Monitor (USCOM) as a tool to assist in the modulation of heart assist devices.


Didier Ppayen

Professor Didier Payen

Dr Payen has been working in intensive care medicine since 1979 and was nominated as a professor in anaesthesiology and surgical intensive care in 1989. He has been chairing the department of anaesthesiology & intensive care in Lariboisière University hospital since 1994. He is involved in clinical and basic research focusing on intensive care topics and in charge of the research laboratory of the department accredited by the French ministry of research.

Dr Payen focused primarily on heart-lung interaction during mechanical ventilation, then moved to cardio-vascular problems, and finally developed biological works on inflammation. His present research interest concerns immunology in sepsis with both clinical and basic science interest.

He chaired the national committee of intensive care of the French Society of Anaesthesiology and Intensive Care for 2 years, has published original articles in the major journals covering his topics of research, and has contributed to and co-authored numerous text books.


Peter Lichtenthal

Professor Peter Lichtenthal

Professor Lichtenthal is the Professor of Clinical Anaesthesia and Director of Cardiothoracic Anaesthesia at the University of Arizona College of Medicine in Tucson, Arizona, USA, where he works with Dr Jack Copeland in the highly respected cardiothoracic surgical programme.Professor Peter Lichtenthal 

Professor Lichtenthal is an alumni of the Peter Brent Brigham Hospital and the Harvard Medical School in Boston. He has been practising anaesthesia since 1975, with clinical experience including active service in the U.S. Navy, Peter Brent Brigham Hospital and the Northwestern University Medical School, before his appointment to The University of Arizona, College of Medicine.

His career has been substantially involved in clinical cardiothoracic anaesthesia, anaesthetic drug research and the research of medical devices associated with cardiac monitoring.


Nigel Sharrock

Dr Nigel Sharrock


Anesthesiologist-in-Chief Emeritus, Hospital for Special Surgery
Attending Anesthesiologist, Hospital for Special Surgery, New York
Clinical Professor of Anesthesiology, Weill Cornell Medical College


Fowler Prize in Medicine (Top overall in class), New Zealand
Prize in Obstetrics and Gynecology (Wellington), New Zealand
Philip D. Wilson Award, New York
Otto Aufranc Award, presented by The Hip Society, Anaheim, CA
The Best Doctors in America - Anesthesiology: Orthopaedic Procedures
Henry Christian Memorial Award for Outstanding Research, AFCR (with Dr. Pamela William-Russo), New York 

Strathmore's WHO'S WHO - Lifetime Member J
John Charnley Award, presented by The Hip Society, Orlando, FL