Current Evidence

Uscom maintains a reference of all current evidence supporting Uscom's products. Here is some of the latest evidence followed by a list of the current evidence by category.

Latest Evidence

The effect of head up tilting on bioreactance cardiac output and stroke volume readings using suprasternal transcutaneous Doppler as a control in healthy young adults

Jie Zhang, Lester A. H. Critchley, Daniel C. W. Lee, Kim S. Khaw, Shara W. Y. Lee

Published: J Clin Monit Comput. 2016 Oct;30(5):519-26. doi: 10.1007/s10877-016-9835-7

Letter to Editor: Reliability of the ultrasound cardiac output monitor for pediatric patients

Fernando Beltramo, Jondavid Menteer, Asma Razavi, Robinder G. Khemani, Jacqueline Szmuszkovicz, Christopher J. L. Newth, Patrick A. Ross

Published: Pediatr Cardiol Vol 37, No.5, 2016 DOI 10.1007/s00246-016-1431-6

NO donors and haemodynamic changes in fetal growth restriction

Tiralongo GM, Pisani I, Vasapollo B, Khalil A, Vinayagam D, Thilaganathan B, Valensise H

Presented: Second International Congress on Maternal Haemodynamics, Rome Abstract F4

Preterm delivery and elevated maternal total vascular resistance: signs of suboptimal cardiovascular adaptation to pregnancy?.

Valensise, H., Farsetti, D., Lo Presti, D., Pisani, I., Tiralongo, G. M., Gagliardi, G., Vasapollo, B. and Novelli, G. P.

Published: Ultrasound Obstet Gynecol, 48: 491–495. doi:10.1002/uog.15910

Non-invasive cardiac output monitoring in pregnancy: comparison to echocardiographic assessment

D. Vinayagam, O. Patey, B. Thilaganathan and A. Khalil

Published: Ultrasound in Obstetrics & Gynecology DOI: 10.1002/uog.15915


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