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International Value Investor Takes Strategic Stake in Uscom

Uscom has secured a strategic investment from Mr Steven Meng, a private investor, and senior pharma executive for $1.755M in a placement of new shares. Mr Meng will bring both his international corporate and management skills to Uscom, including his excellent distribution contacts in China.

Uscom Receives $492K R&D Cash Refund

Uscom has received $492K from the Australian Tax Office under the Federal Government Research and Development (R&D) Tax Incentive Program related to R&D expenditure in the 2017 tax year. The Federal Government R&D program provides for the refund of 43.5% of eligible research and development expenditure during the previous financial year.

International Hypertension Study Recommends Uscom BP+ Measures

Uscom announced the publication of new research in the Journal of the American Heart Association from authors at the Uni of Auckland (Auckland), Imperial College (London), Uni Cambridge (Cambridge), University College (London), Mass General/Harvard (Boston), the Austrian Institute of Technology (Vienna) and the Uni of Otago (Christchurch) and recommended the use of Uscom BP+ measured central BP as routine for future BP trials.

New Uscom receives GSA listing to sell to US Government

Uscom announced the receipt of USA General Services Administration Schedule (GSA) listing. The listing provides details of pricing and other terms and conditions of supply and is required to sell into the $45B USD PA Government market that includes the USA Federal Government, Veterans Affairs (VA), and some State and Local Governments. GSA listing is available to businesses, non-profit organisations and educational Institutions to sell products and services to US Government customers, the largest purchaser of medical devices in the USA, which is the largest medical device market in the world.