International Hypertension Study Recommends Uscom BP+ Measures

International Hypertension Study Recommends Uscom BP+ Measures

  • Journal American Heart Association published hypertension study
  • Uscom BP+ central BP identified treatment benefits not identified by conventional arm BP
  • Recommendation – “future trials should include measuring central BP parameters (BP+) … rather than rely solely on brachial BP.”


Uscom announced the publication of new research in the Journal of the American Heart Association from authors at the Uni of Auckland (Auckland), Imperial College (London), Uni Cambridge (Cambridge), University College (London), Mass General/Harvard (Boston), the Austrian Institute of Technology (Vienna) and the Uni of Otago (Christchurch) and recommended the use of Uscom BP+ measured central BP as routine for future BP trials. The multi-centre, double blinded, randomised, placebo controlled hypertension study found that Uscom BP+ identified significant changes in central BP during treatment for hypertension, while a leading conventional arm based BP method (Omron) did not.

The study of 517 adults demonstrated that patients with Vitamin D deficiency had their Uscom BP+ central BP measures improved with Vit D treatment, while no changes in brachial (arm) pressures were detected by the Omron device in the same patients.

The Uscom BP+ suprasystolic oscillometric method is patent protected in many international jurisdictions and is currently being rolled out as regional regulatory approvals permit. Revenue is beginning and is expected to accelerate throughout 2018.

Executive Chairman of Uscom, Associate Professor Rob Phillips said “This is exciting new evidence from some of the most influential academics in the global hypertension field, indicating the Uscom BP+ is more effective for detecting the BP changes associated with treatment benefits than a conventional device from the current leading manufacturer. The authors also recommended the routine adoption of Uscom BP+ central BP measures in future hypertension trials. The BP+ is patent protected, practice leading technology, and while it has been implemented on the International Space Station for a number of years as a research device, this is the first major study demonstrating the BP+ superiority to conventional BP monitors and to recommend it for routine global application. These data suggest that hypertensive patients using conventional arm based BP home monitors may benefit from changing to Uscom BP+ monitoring of their central BP.”

The global hypertension device market is reported to be in the order of $5B USD, while $74B PA is reportedly spent on management of hypertension and hypertension complications in the US alone. So the scale of the Uscom BP+ opportunity is both substantial and uncertain. Omron, the current market leader in the BP space, and the technology against which the BP+ was compared has a $1.4B AUD annual Healthcare revenue. While Uscom plans to retain the BP+ technology as a foundation for accelerated revenue growth over the next decade, it could also be strategically licensed or on sold into international distributors.


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