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News - 2007

New US Patent for Uscom

November 28th, 2007

Uscom (ASX Code: UCM) today announced the granting of its US patent no 10/761899, the method for determining cardiac valve dimensions based on body measurements and cardiac Doppler flow measurements. The granting of the US patent is recognition of the novelty and inventiveness of the method by the US Patent Office. The method allows non-invasive and accurate calculation of both left and right sided cardiac output making Uscom unique in the field of haemodynamic monitoring. This patent has applications beyond the Uscom device alone and could be used to simplify echocardiography, invasive catheter procedures and valve surgery. As well as commercial protection of the Uscom device, this granting may allow development of unique Uscom applications in the field of heart failure, hypertension and lung disease.

The patent author and Chairman of Uscom Ltd, Rob Phillips said "This is an important patent for us as it endorses our commercial ownership of the method at the core of the unique Uscom technology. Additionally the method extends beyond the Uscom device and has multiple other applications, potentially forming the foundation technology for new devices, or commercial opportunity associated with technology licensing or partnerships."

Uscom CEO, Paul Butler, said "Intellectual property represents shareholder value and this is independent and rigorous recognition of the innovation within the Company. These patents reaffirm the intellectual strength of our company and will significantly contribute to the value of Uscom during strategic discussions. This takes Uscom’s patent portfolio to 32 separate patent cases directed to particular technologies, with 4 granted patents."

Uscom is continuing to create an important global Medical Device Company on the back of unique IP covering a family of powerful cardiovascular measurement devices. Uscom is pursuing strategic alliances to advance global marketing, particularly in the USA, and furthering the adoption of Uscom technology through academic publications and the endorsement of Uscom guided management as a new standard of medical care.

Uscom: "nothing short of miraculous" - Internet Journal of emerging medical technologies

November 8th, 2007

Uscom (ASX Code: UCM) technology has been recognised as "nothing short of miraculous" by the authors of the Internet Journal of Emerging Medical Technologies.

The authors of the Journal visited the Uscom booth at the American Society of Anesthesiologists ASA meeting in San Francisco two weeks ago and trialled the device. Their review concluded: "We tested the monitor by applying its transducer suprasternally, and it easily calculated hemodynamic values from trans-aortic flow profiles."

Rob Phillips, Uscom‘s Chairman and Director of Clinical Science said "It is important for us that independent experts recognise the power of our technology. It is a real endorsement of the simplicity of the device to operate that they achieved such confidence from a short trial. This supports our proposition that the wide spread adoption of Uscom will be driven by its high level of accuracy and its ease of use."

Uscom has increased its focus on the US market in the last year and in particular Uscom’s CEO Paul Butler is now based in Los Angeles to work more closely with the US marketing team and to further strategic discussions for more wide ranging marketing partnerships

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Uscom Releases September Quarter Results - Appendix 4C

October 22nd, 2007

Uscom (ASX Code: UCM) today released results for the September quarter, 2007.

Link here: September Quarter 2007 4C (pdf 220Kb)

Third USCOM 1A to Children’s Hospital at Westmead

August 20th, 2007

Uscom (ASX Code: UCM) today informed shareholders of an additional sale to The Children’s Hospital at Westmead.

This sale to the Paediatric Intensive Care Unit follows Uscom’s strategy of working closely with our installed base to develop greater demand for the product throughout the hospital. The previous Westmead sales were into the Children’s Hospital Institute of Sports Medicine (CHISM) and the Emergency Department. It is also yet another sale into our target market of paediatrics which now includes Detroit Children’s Hospital, John Hunter Hospital, Great Ormond Street, Zurich University Hospital and Sydney Children’s Hospital amongst many others.

Uscom’s CEO, Paul Butler said “It has always been our belief that as hospitals start to use the USCOM 1A there will be the opportunity to sell more units throughout the hospital and we are now seeing this happen at several sites.’ Paul is now based in the USA continuing the task of creating a strategic alliance and furthering the adoption of the technology.

New Uscom product for development

June 18th, 2007

Uscom (ASX Code: UCM) today announced its intention to commence development of a new product based on the USCOM 1A. This device using Transesophageal Doppler ultrasound (TOD) will utilise unique new Uscom owned IP and be funded from the current R&D budget. This new product, when developed, will provide Uscom with further access to the specialised global Intensive Care and Intra-Operative market, particularly in the USA and UK. Additionally the move to a consumable product ensures that there is an on going revenue stream as the devices are employed on a per use basis..

Commitment to the project has been activated by the changes to re-imbursement regulations in the U.S. The U.S. Centre for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) recently notified that it would amend the National Coverage Determination (NCD) of "Ultrasound Diagnostic Procedures" by adding "Monitoring of cardiac output (Esophageal Doppler) for ventilated patients in the ICU and operative patients with a need for intra-operative fluid optimization" to the list of covered uses, effectively funding TOD use in specified circumstances

The Transesophageal Doppler is a specialised ultrasound transducer to be introduced via the mouth or nose into the esophagus to measure cardiac output. Clinicians will connect the TOD directly to their USCOM 1A device for use in ICUs patients and during surgery. Transesophageal Doppler has been used for a number of years with proven clinical benefits; however the Uscom TOD will support a number of sophistications not currently available. Feasibility assessment and technical preparation has been conducted by Uscom for the new product over the last six months in anticipation of the amendment to the CMS rulings.

Mr Rob Phillips, Executive Chairman and Director of Clinical Science said "This TOD technology will provide Uscom with a re-imbursable application in the lucrative and practice leading American Market. The TOD will provide a new product, access to new markets and a consumable product allowing access to on-going revenue streams. This is an important strategic step as we move to become a dominant player in the global field of cardiovascular measurement and management."

Uscom is continuing to create an important global Medical Device Company of the back of unique IP covering a family of powerful cardiovascular measurement devices. Uscom is pursuing strategic alliances to advance global marketing, particularly in the USA, and furthering the adoption of Uscom technology through academic publications and the endorsement of Uscom guided management as a new standard of medical care.

Uscom receives Medical Device award

June 9th, 2007

Uscom Ltd (ASX code UCM) was awarded the prestigious Frost and Sullivan Best Practice Award for Excellence in Healthcare as the Upcoming Medical Device Company of the Year at a gala awards ceremony in Singapore. Frost and Sullivan present their awards to companies in a variety of global and regional markets in recognition of superior planning and execution of product launches, strategic alliances, distribution strategies, technologic innovations, mergers and acquisitions and initial public offerings.

The process of developing Intellectual Property into a successful medical device business is complex and time consuming and involves multiple academic and commercial disciplines. The Frost and Sullivan awards recognise success in these activities. Other winners this year included Siemens, Roche, Medtronic and Agfa, while in 2006 winners included GE Healthcare, Siemens Medical Solutions, Toshiba America Medical Systems Inc, Mindray Medical International Limited and Agilent Technologies.

Paul Butler, Uscom’s CEO said, "This is great recognition for us and while awards don’t make a successful business the Frost and Sullivan Awards represent an external expert diligence which recognises best practice. We are clearly focussed on sound operations and the development of international strategic goals and this award recognises these activities."

Rob Phillips, Uscom’s Chairman and Director of Clinical Science said, "This is fantastic industry recognition for Paul Butler and the management team at the most rigorous of international levels and hints at the opportunity that lies ahead for Uscom. Frost and Sullivan are leaders in this field and chose Uscom as the regional Upcoming Medical Device Company of 2007."

Uscom is particularly proud of it’s sound operational integrity, as this is the foundation on which profitability is built. Uscom is currently considering international strategic alliances and marketing partnerships to capitalise on the recent global scientific endorsement the USCOM 1A has received in the academic literature.

Grant of Uscom Patent in Europe

June 7th, 2007

Uscom (ASX Code: UCM) has received confirmation that the European Patent Office (EPO) intends to grant a patent for Uscom’s method of monitoring cardiac output.

The approval was awarded by the EPO after an oral hearing in the Hague at which Rob Phillips, the Executive Chairman of the Uscom Board and Director of Clinical Science, was a key witness.

The patent provides commercial protection for a period of 20 years from the date of lodgement in the important European jurisdictions covering the national medical device markets in Austria, Belgium, Switzerland, Lichtenstein, Germany, Spain, Finland, France, Great Britain, Ireland, Italy, The Netherlands and Sweden.

This patent will be among the first awarded by the EPO for a "diagnostic method" following reform of the European patent law last year prohibiting granting of such wide application patents. Rob Phillips said "This is a particularly powerful patent and it provides us with valuable commercial protection of the core Uscom method and any new devices built around this method."

Obtaining protection for the method adds significant value to the current Uscom patent portfolio which now includes 26 separate patents or patent applications. Rob Phillips said "Intellectual property is a critical part of the value of Uscom. We consider these patents to represent the intellectual power of our company and will significantly contribute to medical care and the strategic opportunities of Uscom by forming the foundation for the development of new platforms of cardiovascular devices."

Uscom continues to explore strategies to advance marketing in the USA and further the adoption of Uscom technology through academic publications and the endorsement of Uscom guided management as a new standard of medical care.

German Publications Confirm Uscom Use in exercise trauma chemotherapy, and helicopter retrieval

May 16th, 2007

Uscom Ltd (ASX Code: UCM) today announced the publication by Dr Karsten Knobloch in Hannover of a number of articles defining the clinical utility of the Uscom device. This is important as it marks the change in focus of Uscom from validation, where the accuracy of the device has been proven, to defining clinical use of the device in medical practice so that adoption can be increased.

The new publications include:

These publications follow on from the recent publication of the study by Dr Knobloch identifying the changes in circulation associated with Herceptin use in breast cancer. Dr Knobloch is a practice leading clinician in a variety of clinical areas and has been an early adopter of Uscom technology, working with Uscom for nearly three years. Dr Karsten Knobloch is a member of the Uscom Medical Advisory Board.

Rob Phillips, Uscom’s Chairman and Director of Clinical Science said, “The validation phase for Uscom is complete; with the publication of current research, Uscom can claim to be the most accurate clinical method of measuring cardiac output and changes in circulation. Our focus is now to communicate the clinical uses of the Uscom device so that clinicians worldwide can understand how the device will improve their medical care.”

Uscom is particularly proud of its association with world leading practitioners such as Dr Knobloch.

Market Announcement  Sale to Royal Flying Doctor Service  Further Regional Sales  Initial Customer Sales in Taiwan

May 2nd, 2007

Uscom (ASX Code: UCM) is pleased to update shareholders on a number of strategic sales that have closed recently.

The Royal Flying Doctor Service (RFDS) in Queensland has purchased an Uscom unit for use in its regional network. The USCOM 1A will be located in Rockhampton and it is expected, that after a successful implementation at this site, the RFDS will look to expand the use of this equipment to other RFDS bases throughout the State. This will provide an important improvement to the level of care that can be provided to the people of rural Queensland. Director of Medical Services, for the Royal Flying Doctor Service of Australia (Queensland Section), Dr Gerry Costello said “this has been made possible due to a generous donation by NRMA Insurance”.

There has been further sales into regional NSW with Dubbo Base Hospital purchasing an Uscom for use in the ICU and Emergency department. This is the second unit at Dubbo and we now have 10 units in regional NSW.

New sales orders have also been received from reputable Taiwan centers, The Veteran General Hospital Paediatric Intensive Care Unit and Chung Gong Memorial Hospital Anaesthesia Department. With the product registrations obtained in 2006 and typical budget cycles for capital equipment taking two years we are happy to see these first customer orders coming through via our distribution partners for North Asia and Taiwan.

Uscom is continuing in its task of creating a strategic alliance in the USA and also furthering the adoption of the technology through publications and inclusion as a standard of care.

New Publication Proves Uscom Use in Pacing

March 15th, 2007

Uscom (ASX Code: UCM) today announced the publication of a new study proving the usefulness of the Uscom device in electrophysiology and pacemakers. The market for electrophysiology is enormous and dominated by some of the largest names in medical devices such as Medtronic, St Jude, Guidant and Johnson & Johnson. This publication represents proof of the Uscom device’s utility as a cost effective improvement in the post implantation management of pacemaker patients.

Electrophysiology is an important and rapidly expanding area of medicine with pacemakers requiring regular optimisation to ensure best function. Currently this is usually done using echocardiography, a more complex and expensive method than Uscom. This study proves Uscom could be operated by a trained nurse to accurately and reliably optimise pacemakers in nearly half the time taken using echocardiography (55%). The study concluded that “The Uscom device operated by a trained nurse can provide a simple, accurate and fast non-invasive method for AVI optimisation in the CRT population.”

The work was performed at the laboratory of Professor C.P.Lau, of the Cardiology Division, Department of Medicine, Queen Mary Hospital, The University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong. Professor Lau is a world authority in electrophysiology and pacemakers and the study was published in Pacing And Clinical Electrophysiology (PACE), a leading reference in the field. The full reference of the paper is “Cardiac Resynchronization Therapy Optimization by Ultrasonic Cardiac Output Monitoring (USCOM) Device. CW Siu, HF Tse, K Lee, HW Chan, WH Chen, C Yung, S Lee, CP Lau. Pacing and Clinical Electrophysiology 2007 30;1: 50-55.”

Paul Butler, Uscom’s CEO said, “Electrophysiology is a large and rapidly expanding market, and this paper confirms our usefulness in this field. We are working to develop strategic relationships in this area of clinical management to better exploit Uscom’s business opportunities.”

Uscom Issued U.S. Neonatal/Pediatric Patent

March 13th, 2007

Uscom Ltd (ASX Code: UCM) have been advised by the U.S. Patent Office of issuance of a new patent which describes a novel method for measuring neonatal and pediatric circulation. The Uscom method has broad cardiovascular application and has specific application in the USCOM 1A ultrasonic cardiac output monitor. The US patent affords competitive protection for a period of 20 years in the US jurisdiction; the largest medical device market in the world. The patent was drafted on behalf of Uscom by Mr Peter Treloar of Shelston IP. Uscom Ltd has 24 patents or IP applications in process, all for multiple aspects of cardiovascular measurement, monitoring and novel cardiovascular devices.

The new patent covers a method which is currently being adopted into clinical practice worldwide including major institutions in Asia, Europe, the US and Australia to improve neonatal and pediatric care. The method was recently endorsed by 4 presentations at the Society of Critical Care in Medicine Annual Scientific Meeting in Orlando where it’s application was reported in sepsis, monitoring of drug treatments, and post surgical cardiac care.

Rob Phillips, Uscom’s Chairman and Director of Clinical Science and author of the patent said, “Neonatal care and pediatrics are important for Uscom as we believe it is an application of critical need and an area in which we can genuinely improve clinical practice as we provide the only non-invasive method with recognised accuracy. We believe that as we develop this market the patent protection afforded by the issuance of this patent will ensure our position as market leader. This issuance also emphasises the important value of Intellectual Property within Uscom, which is critical for the development of new products and an expanded business opportunity.”

Uscom is focussed on delivering technology into the fields of neonatology and pediatrics and looks forward to broader clinical adoption to improve care in this important patient group.

5 NEW STUDIES confirming Uscom‘s importance in adults and children in Critical Care Medicine

February 27th, 2007

Five new studies were presented at the Society of Critical Care Medicine in Orlando Florida confirming the importance of using Uscom (ASX Code: UCM) in Critical Care medicine. Presentations were made from studies at some of the most prestigious clinical institutions in the world including The Henry Ford Hospital, Detroit, The Great Ormond Street for Children, London, Vanderbilt University Hospital for Children in Nashville and The University of Arizona in Tucson.

The presentation from Henry Ford Hospital and authored by Dr Robert Bilkovski, confirmed that Uscom provided non-invasively results that are currently acquired using a transducer down the throat and requires patient sedation. This means that people currently using the transesophageal monitoring can use the totally non-invasive Uscom device and get equivalent results.

The work from Vanderbilt University compared Uscom to the most accurate method of measuring cardiac output, direct Fick, which involves complex cardiac catheterisation and gas analysis studies, and concluded Uscom, using a simple transducer on the chest, was an accurate method for measuring cardiac output. This degree of validation has not previously been reported using any non-invasive devices and suggests that Uscom may be the most accurate clinical method for measuring haemodynamics, particularly in children.

In work from Great Ormond St Hospital for Children in London, the uses for Uscom in guiding and improving treatment in critically ill children was defined. These studies suggest that when managing circulation in sick children, the use of Uscom improves choice of treatment and may improve outcomes.

The presentation from Professor Lichtenthal at the University of Arizona demonstrated the application of Uscom to small children after cardiac surgery and found the device to be accurate and easy to use.

Rob Phillips, Uscom’s Chairman and Director of Clinical Science said, “These are important parts of the scientific evidence that are necessary for global adoption and re-imbursement. This evidence clearly re-inforces the importance of Uscom in sick children and indicates the usefulness of Uscom in critical care patients. Proof of the utility of our technology by such world leaders of practice provides critical support for our global marketing efforts.”

The Society of Critical Care Medicine annual scientific meeting was held in Orlando from the 17th to the 21st of February 2007 and is a world forum for science and clinical developments in critical care medicine. Approximately 4,000 delegates from the US, Asia, Europe and the Americas were registered for the conference.

CO Determination by CW Doppler in Perioptive Pediatric Heart Surgery – Abstract (.pdf 13Kb)

NonInvasive CO: Accuracy between Uscom & Esophageal Doppler Monitor – Abstract (.pdf 14Kb)

Accuracy of NonInvasive Cardiac Output Monitoring (Uscom)(.pdf 35Kb)

Effects of Initiation of Continuous Renal Replacement Therapy on Haemodynamics in Critically Ill Children – Abstract (.pdf 17Kb)

Hemodynamics of Milrinone Loading in Critically Ill Children – Abstract (.pdf 17Kb)

Leading US authority on haemodynamics joins Uscom advisory board

February 8th, 2007

Uscom (ASX Code: UCM) today announced the appointment of Professor Peter Lichtenthal to the company‘s Medical & Technology Advisory Board. Professor Lichtenthal is a leading U.S. anaesthetist and authority on haemodynamics monitoring in cardiac surgery.

Professor Lichtenthal‘s appointment, combined with the appointment of Professor Didier Payen earlier this year, is a strategic strengthening of international representation on the Uscom Medical Advisory Board to promote the use of Uscom technology in international clinical practice.

The Chairman of Uscom, Mr Rob Phillips said, "Professor Lichtenthal is genuinely committed to the adoption of Uscom technology in adult and paediatric anaesthesia. Professore Lichtenthal is a leader in the field of cardiothoracic anaesthesia and an expert in monitoring technologies with a wealth of experience in US anaesthetic practice. Professor Lichtenthal‘s is an important appointment to the Medical Advisory Board and will contribute to strengthening alliances with other US centres of clinical excellence."

Professor Lichtenthal said today, "Non-invasive hemodynamics is definitely the future in cardiovascular care and management. Uscom has some very exciting technology and some very exciting future products, which are very likely to change the way we currently manage anaesthetic and ICU patients."

Uscom‘s 9-member Advisory Board includes expertise in medicine and science from Australia, the United States, Asia and Europe. The role of the Advisory Board is to provide clinical and academic feedback to guide the company‘s research programmes in the medical and technology fields, and provide strategic vision for future product development. The Uscom Advisory Board is remunerated through the issue of options as per the Uscom Employee Share Option Plan.

About Professor Lichtenthal

Professor Lichtenthal is the Professor of Clinical Anaesthesia and Director of Cardiothoracic Anaesthesia at the University of Arizona College of Medicine in Tucson, Arizona, USA, where he works with Dr Jack Copeland in the highly respected cardiothoracic surgical programme. Professor Lichtenthal is an alumni of the Peter Brent Brigham Hospital and the Harvard Medical School in Boston. He has been practising anaesthesia since 1975, with clinical experience including active service in the U.S. Navy, Peter Brent Brigham Hospital and the Northwestern University Medical School, before his appointment to The University of Arizona, College of Medicine. His career has been substantially involved in clinical cardiothoracic anaesthesia, anaesthetic drug research and the research of medical devices associated with cardiac monitoring.

Uscom appoints new CFO and Company Secretary

February 5th, 2007

Uscom (ASX Code: UCM) today announced the appointment of Daniel Fah to the position of CFO and Company Secretary. Daniel is partner of CFO Strategic, a specialist Chartered Accountancy practice providing Chief Financial Officer services.

Daniel has extensive experience developed in a variety of industries in Australia, United Kingdom and North America. He strengthens the finance function at USCOM and brings a wealth of commercial and international expertise to the company’s management team. Daniel has a Bachelor of Business Studies Degree, is a member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Australia and is a member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors.

Paul Butler, Uscom’s CEO said, “I welcome Daniel to the team, his vast international experience will bring a skill set that will be highly beneficial to Uscom over the coming year as we move towards global strategic alliances.”

Daniel Fah added, “I am pleased to take on this position with Uscom. It is an exciting technology and I am looking forward to working with the board and management on the implementation of the Uscom strategy.”

Professor Didier Payen joins Uscom Advisory Board

January 11th, 2007

Uscom Limited (ASX Code: UCM) today announced the appointment of Professor Didier Payen, one of Europe’s leading authorities on haemodynamic monitoring, to the company’s Medical & Technology Advisory Board.

Professor Didier Payen, MD is the chairman of Anaesthesiology and Critical Care Medicine at Lariboisière Hospital, Paris and the president of the European Society of Intensive Care Medicine. He is considered an expert in hemodynamic monitoring, organ transplantation, nitric oxide metabolism and treatment and cardiovascular physiology.

Commenting on the appointment today, the Chairman of Uscom, Mr Rob Phillips said, “We are honoured to have an internationally recognised luminary like Didier Payen join the Uscom team. Professor Payen has been an important contributor to the development of Uscom. We look forward to a continued close collaboration with him as we build the presence of Uscom in Europe and the rest of the world.”

Professor Payen visited Australia in August 2006, for a series of lectures to key medical personnel on the role of Uscom in Intensive Care medicine.

Professor Payen said today, “Noninvasive hemodynamics is definitely the future, and it is a great pleasure to be working with such a dynamic Company as Uscom. Their approach to the science and practice of hemodynamics is thorough and exciting and I look forward to making a significant and on going contribution to the science of the Company. We are currently working on some creative and innovative developments which have the potential to change practice in a number of clinical areas.”

Uscom’s Advisory Board includes expertise in medicine and science from Australia, the United States, Asia and Europe. The role of the Advisory Board is to provide research guidance and augment the company’s current research programmes in both the medical and technology fields. Details on all the members of the Uscom Advisory Board can be found on the website

About Professor Payen

Dr Payen has been working in intensive care medicine since 1979 and was nominated as a professor in anaesthesiology and surgical intensive care in 1989. He has been chairing the department of anaesthesiology & intensive care in Lariboisière University hospital since 1994. He is involved in clinical and basic research focusing on intensive care topics and in charge of the research laboratory of the department accredited by the French ministry of research.

Dr Payen focused primarily on heart-lung interaction during mechanical ventilation, then moved to cardio-vascular problems, and finally developed biological works on inflammation. His present research interest concerns immunology in sepsis with both clinical and basic science interest. He chaired the national committee of intensive care of the French Society of Anaesthesiology and Intensive Care for 2 years, has published original articles in the major journals covering his topics of research, and has contributed to and co-authored numerous text books.

Appointment of New Chief Executive Officer

January 9th, 2007

The board of Uscom (ASX Code: UCM) is pleased to announce the appointment of Mr Paul Butler, as Uscom’s new Chief Executive Officer, effective from today. Mr Butler takes over from Mr Gary Davey, a co-founder of the company and Chief Executive for the past six years, who has resigned from the position.

Mr Butler has been a senior executive of Uscom for over 5 years and has helped build the company to its present position. He project managed the early development of the product, assembled the team of people at Uscom’s head office in Sydney and the Australian Sales team. He has also been involved in the establishment of the global distribution network.

Commenting on the appointment today, the Chairman of Uscom, Mr Rob Phillips said, “The Board is very pleased to announce the appointment of Paul as the new CEO of Uscom. This year will be a period of dramatic change and strategic opportunity for Uscom. We are delighted that Paul is assuming the company’s leadership role at this critical time. ”

“I would also like to express the company’s sincere thanks for the efforts of Gary Davey, who led the company through its formative years. Gary has made a substantial contribution and has taken the company from start-up through listing on the Australian Stock Exchange to a globally marketed medical device Company. Gary has also developed a strong management team that is positioned to identify and develop international markets.”

Mr Davey added, “I have enormous confidence in Uscom’s future and will continue to watch the company’s progress, as a major shareholder. I am extremely proud of the company’s progress to date and I am certain that Paul Butler is the right person to manage the company through its next stage of development.”

Mr Davey has also resigned from his position as a Director of Uscom effective immediately.

Prior to Uscom Mr Butler was Business Manager at Australian Electronic Manufacturing Services, where he was responsible for the management of over $60 million in sales. Mr Butler was previously General Manager of Operations at Scitec where he led significant change in manufacturing through outsourcing agreements and major asset sales. Mr Butler commented, “Uscom is an innovative product with incredible opportunities and I am thrilled to take on the role of CEO. Uscom has made significant progress to date in establishing global awareness of the Uscom device and we are now set to optimise this opportunity.”