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News - 2009

USCOM - Presented at Rome Congress and European Users Meeting

December 21st, 2009

Uscom today announced the presentation of new research by Assoc. Prof. Brendan Smith of Australia demonstrating remarkably positive results for management of septic shock using USCOM at the International Haemodynamics Monitoring Update in Rome, Italy. This followed a meeting of invited European and Australian experts in circulation at St Thomas’ Hospital London, which was convened to review current USCOM science and advance its routine use in worldwide critical care practice.

The Update on Haemodynamic Monitoring meeting held in Rome, Italy, on Monday 14th December, was attended by 229 critical care experts from 37 countries and focused on future trends in haemodynamic monitoring and management. Assoc. Prof. Brendan Smith presented results from his USCOM based management of sepsis and heart failure. Prof Smith is an early adopter of USCOM and has developed innovative treatments which are demonstrating exciting improvements in outcomes of sepsis patients.

Sepsis is a serious infective disease which kills many adults and children worldwide each year and has become the subject of co-ordinated global efforts to improve survival from the disease. The high level meeting in London was chaired by Professor David Bennett at St Thomas’ Hospital in London and was attended by 10 invited Professors and 20 clinical researchers from Europe and Australia and was focussed on evaluating current clinical uses of USCOM and the development of future applications. An outcome of the meeting was the planning of a number of multi-centre trials in heart failure, sepsis, and liver transplantation in adults and children in major critical care centres across Europe and Australia.

Mr Paul Butler, the Uscom CEO said “These meetings involved current clinical users of USCOM and represents the first co-ordinated steps to introduce USCOM into widespread clinical use in Europe. This activity coincides with the Spacelabs launch of USCOM in Europe and will provide invaluable support for the Spacelabs European sales team.”

Rob Phillips, the Executive Chairman of Uscom and Director of Clinical Science said “This focus on USCOM by such influential critical care thinkers represents another significant step in the global recognition of USCOM as a standard tool in critical care and will result in the multi-centre studies required to ensure widespread clinical application of USCOM.”

World Hemodynamics Expert Joins USCOM Medical Advisory Board

December 17th, 2009

Uscom today announced the appointment of Professor David Bennett of St Thomas’ Hospital in London to the Uscom Medical Advisory Board. The appointment follows recent assessments of the USCOM technology at St Thomas’ Hospital.

Professor Bennett has a 30 year association with Doppler technology and is an acknowledged world expert in cardiovascular monitoring and the Editor of the Cardiology section of Critical Care, one of the leading international journals of critical care medicine. Professor Bennett’s contribution to the Medical Advisory Board will include the guidance of clinical research and new product developments.

Rob Phillips, the Executive Chairman of Uscom and Director of Clinical Science said “Professor Bennett has a long standing interest in Doppler ultrasound and is an influential thinker in cardiovascular monitoring being recognised globally for his work in the technology of circulation and circulatory management. Professor Bennett’s expertise in adult Intensive Care will compliment the other specialities represented on the Uscom Medical Advisory Board including Paediatric Intensive Care, Anaesthesia, Hypertension, Heart Failure, Cardiopulmonary medicine, and Cardiac Pacing.”

Mr Paul Butler, the Uscom CEO said “This is an excellent appointment for Uscom as Professor Bennett has extensive experience in cardiovascular monitoring over a long period and has been instrumental in the evaluation and adoption of a number of new technologies. His commitment to Uscom comes at a particularly exciting time as we accelerate our European sales focus through the Spacelabs partnership.”

Professor Bennett was director of Intensive care at St George’s Hospital in London for 30 years, during this time he has been engaged in techniques for monitoring and managing the circulation particularly in high risk surgical patients. He continues to maintain this interest as an honorary consultant physician to St Thomas’ Hospital in London and Visiting Professor to Kings College, London.

Uscom Limited a 2009 ATS Patrons' Award Finalist

October 30th, 2009

Uscom Limited was pleased to be selected as a Finalist in the 2009 NSW ATS Patrons’ Awards for Outstanding Export Achievement.

This nomination recognises the achievements that Uscom has made over the past year. Uscom is a company moving forward, with a good product, good values and is looking to take its technology to the global market.

The ATS Patrons selected Uscom as a finalist based on USCOM’s export achievement over the past year including, strong revenue growth, completing a partnership deal with Spacelabs Healthcare and the inclusion of the technology in global standard of care guidelines.

2009 is the 10th anniversary of the Australian Technology Showcase Patrons’ Award. The Australian Technology Showcase (ATS) is an innovative national Government program initiated by DSRD which promotes uniquely developed Australian technologies to domestic and international markets.

The NSW ATS Patrons Award recognises and rewards innovative ATS companies that have contributed to the NSW economy through their international business development over the past year and have strong potential for future growth.

Completion of Share Purchase Plan (SPP)

September 30th, 2009

Uscom today informed shareholders that it had completed the recent SPP.

The SPP closed on Monday the 28th of September 2009, the company had received $1,134,342 worth of SPP applications. A total of 1,800,544 shares will be allotted and issued to applicants on 2nd of October 2009. Uscom will then have a total of 41,800,544 ordinary shares on issue.

Uscom will apply to the ASX to have the shares listed and they should be tradable on Monday the 5th of October 2009.

Uscom Chairman, Mr Rob Phillips said “Uscom is pleased with the result and the board thanks the shareholders for their support. The additional capital will enable us to grow the business to support our partners and further other market opportunities”.

Spacelabs Healthcare to Launch Uscom in the UK

September 25th, 2009

Uscom informed shareholders that Spacelabs Healthcare intend to launch Uscom in the United Kingdom market on 1 October 2009.

As part of their global distribution agreement with Uscom Ltd, Spacelabs Healthcare are planning the product launch of the USCOM 1A into the UK. This is an important step in the global USCOM rollout as the UK is a sophisticated bio-device market already sensitized to the USCOM technology. Uscom has established some early milestones in the UK with Key Opinion Leaders using the product and publishing peer reviewed papers on the device, and dedicated market support already in the country.

Spacelabs are building their capability in the UK to enhance these early positive steps that Uscom has already made. To support this UK push Uscom is planning some specific joint marketing activities in the UK in the coming months to further activate the acceptance and take-up of the USCOM product.

Uscom would also like to remind shareholders that the Share Purchase Plan (SPP) closes on Monday 28 September 2009. The board is pleased with the uptake to date and do not intend to extend the offer.

Broker Presentation

September 17th, 2009

Uscom Limited today commenced broker presentations updating the market on progress and details of the share purchase plan.

Please see this link for the presentation Uscom Broker Presentation

Uscom Share Purchase Plan - Offer Documents

September 7th, 2009

Monday, 7 September 2009, Uscom Limited (Uscom) announced today that a Share Purchase Plan (SPP) would be offered to eligible shareholders. Further details of the offer are set out in the following documents attached to this announcement:

Open offer documents

USCOM Allowed USA Pacemaker Optimisation Patent

September 4th, 2009

Uscom today announced the allowance of a new patent by the U.S. Patent office describing a novel method for optimising Pacemakers. The US patent will issue shortly and affords competitive protection for a period of 20yrs in the US jurisdiction, the largest medical device market in the world.

The electrophysiology market is rapidly growing and the new USCOM patent describes a simpler and more accurate method for optimising pacemakers after implantation. Pacemakers are often inserted as part of the treatment for heart failure, and work to assist the heart function effectively. This patent describes a new method to ensure optimal function of the pacemaker. Previous research has confirmed USCOM clinical usefulness in this application, while the patent will provide the commercial protection required to develop the business opportunity.

Uscom is focused on developing the electrophysiology applications of the USCOM technology and is committed to an application specific partnership with a specialist electrophysiology Company. Companies with a ubstantial electrophysiology and pacemaker business include St Jude, Guidant, Boston Scientific and Medtronic.

Uscom CEO, Mr. Paul Butler said “This patent will offer commercial protection for Uscom in a specific and important application and support our drive to develop this new market segment. Uscom has unexploited IP in a number of clinical applications such as heart failure and hypertension, and commercialising this IP is central to our growth strategy.”

Mr Rob Phillips, Executive Chairman and Director of Clinical Science said “Electrophysiology is a useful, rapid growth application of the USCOM technology. USCOM can simplify and improve current methods of pacemaker management. We have always seen the potential for our technology to change care in electrophysiology and it is a significant strategic opportunity for us. With this patent we will be able to advance partnership discussions.”

USCOM standard of care presentation at World Federation meeting

September 3rd, 2009

Uscom today notified shareholders of a new presentation at the World Federation of Ultrasound In Medicine and Biology, 12th World Congress in Sydney citing USCOM as a standard of care in Fluid Management, Pediatric sepsis, ICU, Organ Procurement and Liver Transplantation.

The presentation titled “USCOM; A New Standard for Circulatory Management in Critical Care” by Uscom Executive Chairman and Director of Clinical Science, Rob Phillips summarised the evidence in current scientific literature supporting standard of care status for the USCOM 1A. These standard of care statements have been published over the last year. Mr Phillips was an invited speaker at the Congress and presented three academic papers.

Uscom CEO, Mr. Paul Butler said “This is a great opportunity to present our science to the people of the global ultrasound community and update them on the rapidly expanding evidence supporting USCOM use in a variety of clinical applications.”

Mr Rob Phillips, Executive Chairman and Director of Clinical Science said “This presentation highlights the increasing global recognition of the usefulness of the USCOM technology and summarises the recently published evidence and opinions of independent world experts.”

USCOM standard of care for ICU fluid management

July 13th, 2009

Uscom today notified shareholders of a new publication in the journal Critical Care from The University of Washington School of Medicine, St Louis, recommending the routine use of USCOM for ICU patients requiring intravenous (IV) fluid therapy in preference to invasive catheter based approaches.

Giving fluids is one of the most common and universal medical interventions and has a direct effect on cardiovascular function which can be either positive or negative. Currently, using invasive catheters guidance, less than half of all fluid interventions in ICU patients are necessary. However this study determined that USCOM can determine with approximately 90% accuracy who will benefit from fluid treatment and who will not. The study concluded “(USCOM) can predict volume responsiveness in a variety of unselected medical ICU patients. ….. underscoring the need for routine application of (USCOM) when VE (fluid) is considered”.

Uscom CEO, Mr. Paul Butler said “This is a landmark publication in an area of practice in which there is a huge clinical need. We developed USCOM to provide the accuracy to allow development of new approaches to fluid management and this paper confirms that outcome. This paper further supports our claim that USCOM is a standard of care in the ICU.”

Mr Rob Phillips, Executive Chairman and Director of Clinical Science said “This study will shift thinking in critical care medicine worldwide. Fluid management is controversial and generally done poorly because of the inadequate tools to guide clinicians, but USCOM simplifies this practice. This study suggests that USCOM will improve treatment, and save vital healthcare dollars.”

References: Thiel SW, Kollef MH, Isakow W. Non-invasive stroke volume measurement and passive leg raising predict volume responsiveness in medical ICU patients: an observational cohort study. Critical Care 2009 13: R111, doi10.1186/cc7955. Michard F, Teboul JL. Predicting Fluid Responsiveness in ICU Patients: A Critical Analysis of the Evidence. Chest 2002;121:6:2000-2008.

FY 2009 Update

July 6th, 2009

Partnership with Spacelabs Healthcare
Revenue increased by 70%
Q4 Cash flow positive
Approaching Profitability
Inclusion in Pediatric Sepsis Guidelines

Uscom today informed shareholders of progress and achievements during the 2009 Financial Year.

Uscom CEO, Mr. Paul Butler said “We started this year focused on achieving key milestones. I am pleased to report that we have closed off the financial year having achieved these milestones and are well positioned for the coming year.”

Uscom entered a distribution partnership with Spacelabs Healthcare in December 2008 expanding Uscom distribution in the USA, Latin America and Europe. At the same time, OSI Systems (NASDAQ: OSIS) Spacelabs parent company, acquired a 5% interest in Uscom along with options for a further 5%.

Product revenues have increased by approximately 70% over the prior financial year to in excess of $1.6 million (subject to audit). In the fourth quarter of the financial year Uscom achieved a cash flow neutral position from normal operations, with an expected net inflow of approximately $500k due to tax returns and grants.

The company also approached profitability for the last half of the financial year. Whilst this outcome is subject to confirmation in the final audit, we believe that this is a significant achievement for the company. Going forward, financial performance will be very much dependent upon ongoing Spacelab marketing efforts and the level of resulting end user sales.

Another major achievement for the 09 year was the inclusion of the Uscom technology in the Global Pediatric Sepsis Guidelines. Becoming the standard of clinical care in pediatrics is a major scientific milestone for USCOM.

Mr Rob Phillips, Executive Chairman and Director of Clinical Science said “This has been an excellent year for Uscom reflecting our focus on clearly identified objectives. Our results for FY 2009 support the strategic plan that we have developed and pursued.”

Further 24 USCOM units ordered by Spacelabs Healthcare

June 22nd, 2009

Uscom today informed shareholders of the receipt of orders for a further 24 USCOM 1A units from Spacelabs Healthcare. The 24 USCOM 1A devices are to be delivered over the next two months.

Uscom CEO, Mr. Paul Butler said “These orders further demonstrate the commitment of Spacelabs to distributing the USCOM 1A device and the sales opportunity they see, even in difficult times, as the technology gains traction around the world.”

Mr Rob Phillips, Executive Chairman and Director of Clinical Science said “Uscom and Spacelabs are continuing to develop global sales and marketing for the Uscom technology and working closely to ensure a successful partnership.”

Uscom expands distribution partnership with Spacelabs to include Australia

June 18th, 2009

Uscom today informed shareholders of the expansion of the Spacelabs distribution partnership to include Australia.

Spacelabs Healthcare distributes product in Australia through Medtel. Medtel supply high technology products to the medical industry and have representation in all capital cities throughout mainland Australia. The Medtel sales team have been trained on the USCOM product and have commenced marketing the USCOM 1A.

Uscom CEO, Mr. Paul Butler said “It is a positive step for Uscom to extend this distribution to the Australian market. It will allow Uscom to focus our resources on our core strengths of global product and market development. Medtel are a well established medical device distribution company in Australia with strong links into the critical care and anaesthesia markets. They have a strong support infrastructure and I believe that they will effectively deliver the Uscom technology to the Australian hospital market.”

Mr Rob Phillips, Executive Chairman and Director of Clinical Science said “Expanding this agreement strengthens our partnership with Spacelabs and is further indication of their commitment to the Uscom relationship.”

Uscom receives Frost & Sullivan Emerging Company of the Year Award

April 23rd, 2009

Uscom Ltd today announced that it had received the Frost & Sullivan award for the Medical Devices Emerging Company of the Year at the 2009 Asia Pacific Frost & Sullivan Excellence in Healthcare Awards.

Uscom is honoured to receive such a prestigious award and this strongly reflects the efforts by the entire Uscom team. This is in recognition of recent major milestones achieved by the company. Uscom managed to secure its strategic relationship with Spacelabs for distribution of Ultrasonic Cardiac Monitors in the Americas, Europe, Middle East, Africa and India late last year. Since the beginning of this year Uscom has received orders for 88 units, including 77 from Spacelabs. Additionally the USCOM technology became included in the new Sepsis Guidelines for Children. The USCOM technology was also published in the peer reviewed American Journal of Surgery in December 2008, in a land mark study from the world leading Los Angeles Cedar’s Sinai Hospital ICU. The publication titled “Non-Invasive Doppler ultrasonography for assessing cardiac function: can it replace the Swan-Ganz?” concluded that “the device is a good substitute over the PAC for determining cardiac function and can be used by a wide range of ICU personnel”. This award reflects these achievements, as well as all of the effort put in throughout the organisation and the results achieved by the team. It also shows the market that Uscom is a growing company, ready and able to overcome the challenges that lie ahead.

The Frost & Sullivan Awards recognize the superior planning and execution of product launches, strategic alliances, distribution strategies, technological innovations, customer service, and mergers and acquisitions. A host of other crucial marketing factors such as leadership, strategy, service, innovation, integration, and development are also considered as part of the Award methodology. The Frost & Sullivan Best Practices Awards can be a boost for organizations not only because of the recognition they bring, but also in terms of industry standings.

Sohini Mitra the Research Manager for Asia Pacific Healthcare Practice said that “USCOM’s latest product, OXYCOM, along with their flagship product the USCOM 1A offers a completely non-invasive approach to hemodynamics that enables early and accurate detection of circulatory dysfunction. This technological innovation has contributed significantly to the evolution of cardiac output measurement – from using invasive methods to a completely non-invasive method that is safer for patients.

Testimony of the acceptance of this innovation is reflected in the company’s geographic expansion in the Asia Pacific Region in the last 2 years and potential acceptance is demonstrated in Uscom establishing a distribution partnership to enter new markets and strengthen their presence in existing markets.

Uscom is recognized by this award for demonstrating technological innovation and leadership, which has enabled the company to participate and contribute significantly to its industry.”

Click here for the Frost & Sullivan write up

USCOM validated in pregnancy

April 21st, 2009

Uscom today announced the publication of a new study validating the use of USCOM during pregnancy. The study was published in the Australian and New Zealand Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology by a team from the Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology at The Lyell McEwin Hospital, University of Adelaide in South Australia. The study assessed the feasibility and reproducibility of USCOM use on pregnant women and established normal values for circulation during pregnancy which will serve as reference values for detection and management of maternal hypertension.

Hypertension, or pre-eclampsia, in pregnancy is a common and life threatening condition for the mother and child and requires well-guided clinical care. Central to this effective management is the measurement of cardiovascular function, which is currently performed by complex and expensive methods, but which can be improved and replaced by USCOM.

The study of 172 pregnant women found the USCOM determined values were consistent with current published data using other methods, and that correlation of measures by different observers was good (94 and 96%). The study concluded “USCOM appears to be a reliable and fast method to measure cardiac output compared with existing highly complex ultrasounds machines used in cardiology. It is easy to learn, cheap and quite reproducible between different observers.”

Uscom CEO, Mr. Paul Butler said “This study paves the way for USCOM to become a standard of clinical care in obstetrics, and another significant market opportunity. Not only did the study conclude that USCOM was effective and simpler than current methods, but it also offers a cost saving to the practitioner or Hospital.”

Mr Rob Phillips, Executive Chairman and Director of Clinical Science said “Any contribution to improved management of the mother and foetus during pregnancy has important clinical and social ramifications. Being simpler and less expensive than current methods, USCOM can potentially provide improved obstetric care beyond the developed economies. Critically it is the first step in application of USCOM in hypertension, a pandemic circulatory disease in the general community.”

Further USCOM studies are proposed to focus on hypertension in pregnancy.

Reference: Kager CCM, Dekker GA, Stam MC. Measurement of cardiac output in normal pregnancy by a non-invasive two-dimensional independent Doppler device. ANZ J Obs Gyn 2009 DOI: 10.1111/j.1479-828X.2009.00948.x

USCOM publication in heart transplantation and heart failure

March 26th, 2009

Uscom today announced a new peer reviewed publication in the prestigious U.S. Anesthesia and Analgesia journal demonstrating the potential application of USCOM in heart failure subjects with artificial hearts. The research was conducted as a collaboration between the Departments of Anesthesiology and Surgery at The University of Arizona College of Medicine in Tucson, Arizona and the Department of Medicine at The University of Queensland, in Brisbane, Australia.

The University of Arizona Cardiac Surgical programme is led by the world leading cardiac surgeon Professor Jack Copeland with Professor Peter Lichtenthal as the Director of Cardiovascular Anaesthesia, both co-authors of the current publication.

Uscom CEO, Mr. Paul Butler said “This presentation confirms an emerging application for USCOM in the role of management and monitoring heart failure patients. Optimal management of the circulation of heart failure patients is critical to their survival and depends on reliable and accurate measurements of cardiac performance. This study confirms USCOM’s accuracy and applicability in heart failure.”

Mr Rob Phillips, Executive Chairman and Director of Clinical Science said “This has been a great collaboration. The cardiac surgical programme at Tucson is one of the finest in the world and this study shows USCOM has a role to play in the growing group of patients living with heart failure.”

Reference: Phillips RA, Lichtenthal PR, Sloniger JA, Burstow DJ, West MJ, Copeland JG. Noninvasive Cardiac Output Measurement in Heart Failure Subjects on Circulatory Support. Anesth Analg 2009;108:881-6

Uscom Market Announcement

March 26th, 2009

USCOM science presented in China
Chinese pediatric publications
10 unit order for international market

Uscom today announced the presentation of USCOM technology and science to the Critical Medicine Management Committee of the Traditional Chinese Medicine and Modern Medicine Institute in Tian Jin, China, by the Chairman and Director of Clinical Science of Uscom Rob Phillips.

The presentation was at the invitation of Professor Ren Xinsheng, the President of the Traditional Chinese Medicine and Modern Medicine Institute and was titled “Circulation; Measurement and management for all.” The presentation was accompanied by visits to some of the elite medical centres in Beijing.

Uscom CEO, Mr. Paul Butler said “There is increasing interest in China in USCOM and our approach to management of circulation, particularly in children. This presentation supports our Chinese Distributors, Pacific Medical Systems, and is expected to stimulate sales in the region.”

Mr Rob Phillips, Executive Chairman and Director of Clinical Science said “China has a sophisticated and rapidly evolving medical community and they are enthusiastic adopters of new technology and practice. This was a great opportunity to get the USCOM message to a very elite group of clinicians.”

This presentation coincided with the publication of new research at the prestigious Beijing Children’s Hospital in the Chinese Pediatric Emergency Medicine journal confirmed the accuracy of USCOM in children. This publication follows the prior publication of two other studies in the same journal over the last year.

Uscom has also received an order for an additional 10 units from Spacelabs Healthcare for the international market.

34 USCOM units ordered by Spacelabs Healthcare

March 5th, 2009

Uscom informed shareholders that its new partner Spacelabs Healthcare has placed orders for a further 34 USCOM units. Some of the units will be used to support Spacelabs marketing activity whilst the remainder are for inventory ready to meet expected customer demand over the coming months. The units are to be delivered over the next four months.

Uscom CEO, Mr. Paul Butler said “These orders from Spacelabs demonstrate the enthusiasm with which they are taking the USCOM 1A to market and their confidence in the product. I have been involved in the Spacelabs product launch over the past two months and I am pleased with the interest that has been generated in the market.”

Mr Rob Phillips, Executive Chairman and Director of Clinical Science said “This is further evidence of the commitment that Spacelabs has for taking USCOM to market. Uscom will be working closely with them to ensure a successful partnership.”

USCOM Technology Included in New Sepsis Guidelines for Children

February 10th, 2009

Uscom today announced the release of global clinical guidelines for management of septic shock (severe infection) in neonates, infants and children which includes non-invasive USCOM measurements as a standard of care. Presented by the American College of Critical Care Medicine at the Society of Critical Care Medicine Annual Scientific Meeting in Nashville, these guidelines are a consensus statement of best practice authored by 53 world experts.

Sepsis occurs in adults and children and is the severe complication of infections characterised by complex abnormalities of the circulation. Sepsis is responsible for up to 25% of all Intensive Care Unit bed utilisation and has an approximately 10% mortality in children. In excess of $16.7bn per annum is spent in the US alone on management of sepsis, with each hospital acquired case estimated to add approximately US$50,000 to hospital costs. Many of these hospital acquired infections are a result of invasive management, so the use of the non-invasive USCOM will further reduce the incidence and cost of this pervasive disease.

Mr Rob Phillips, Executive Chairman and Director of Clinical Science said “This recognition of our device as a part of standard of care is satisfying for everyone who has worked with and invested in Uscom. Haemodynamics is what we do, and these children need expert haemodynamic management if they are to survive. These guidelines confirm that USCOM measurements are part of this expert management. Infection is a huge and growing issue in hospitals worldwide and USCOM contributes by improving management and, by being non-invasive, reducing the incidence of hospital acquired sepsis.”

Mr Paul Butler, the Uscom CEO said “This is a milestone for USCOM. We identified pediatrics as a discipline in which we would change clinical practice and stated explicitly that our goal was to become a standard of care in pediatric sepsis. The inclusion of Uscom Technology in the sepsis guidelines shows that we have achieved this goal. The guidelines will directly support our marketing partners, Spacelabs Healthcare, as they move our technology into the US market, and further supports our case for worldwide re-imbursement.”

Reference: Brierley J, Carcillo JA, Choong K, et al. Clinical Practice Parameters for Hemodynamic Support of Pediatric and Neonatal Septic Shock: 2007 Update from the American College of Critical Care Medicine. Crit Care Med 2009;37(2):666-688


January 23rd, 2009

9 USCOM 1A devices to Asia
30 USCOM 1A devices order from Spacelabs Healthcare

Uscom today informed shareholders of the receipt of orders for 39 units in January. Orders were received from Pacific Medical Systems for 9 units, 8 units for China and 1 for their new market in Indonesia.

Spacelabs Healthcare placed an order for 30 units to support their launch of the USCOM in the USA at the Society of Critical Care Medicine on February 1, 2009. All of the units are to be delivered in January and will be branded Spacelabs Healthcare.

Uscom CEO, Mr. Paul Butler said “It is encouraging to start the new year off on such a positive note. The initial order from Spacelabs is part of their ramp up and I look forward to receiving many more as their sales team progressively and more actively promote the USCOM product to their customers. I am pleased for the team at Pacific Medical Systems who are yielding the results of their efforts with multiple unit orders starting to come through from China and also their work in opening up new markets such as Indonesia.”

Mr Rob Phillips, Executive Chairman and Director of Clinical Science said “This order from Spacelabs Healthcare is the first from the new marketing relationship in the USA. We are anticipating that through their extensive marketing infrastructure they will be able to leverage our increasingly strong scientific position and achieve significant sales.”

Echoscope - New US patent for Uscom

January 14th, 2009

Uscom today received notice to grant its US patent no 10/523051 from the US Patents Office. The Patent describes a new USCOM based device for hand held use, much like a stethoscope. The notice to grant the US patent is recognition of the novelty and inventiveness of the method by the US Patent Office and provides commercial protection for development of the Echoscope by Uscom Ltd.

The Echoscope was conceived to provide for the acquisition of critical Doppler CO measurements using the Uscom method from a small hand held device which can be carried to remote non-hospital environments such as accident scenes or patient homes. Miniaturisation of devices is an important trend in medicine and the Echoscope will lead to increased portability and utility, and more widespread application of the Uscom technology. The device would have application in treatment of trauma, sepsis, heart failure and hypertension.

The patent author and Chairman of Uscom Ltd, Rob Phillips said “The Echoscope is a futuristic and potentially evolutionary application of the Uscom technology which will allow assessment of circulation rapidly at remote sites and will improve delivery of advanced levels of patient care. This patent confirms Uscom’s position as innovators and leaders in the field of cardiovascular measurement and monitoring.”

Uscom CEO, Paul Butler, said “I am pleased that we have secured the patent for this exciting technology. We can now plan the development of this product knowing that we have commercial protection in the market place for our intellectual property (IP). This patent allows for Uscom to strengthen its position in the cardiovascular device marketplace and is valuable for the Company.”

Uscom continues to develop IP as part of the process of developing innovative solutions to important clinical problems and it owns over 30 patents and intellectual protection applications in various stages of recognition around the world. This IP forms the commercial protection for a pipeline of new devices planned for development by the Company, and significantly contributes to shareholder value.