Uscom BP+ showcased across the UK

The Uscom BP+ was showcased across the UK as part of the National Pharmacy Association’s Support Your Local Pharmacy campaign.

In October 2017, the Uscom BP+ was showcased across the UK as part of the National Pharmacy Association’s Support Your Local Pharmacy campaign in association with The Cardio Clinic. The aim was to reach out to politicians and pharmacists across the UK to highlight the value of community pharmacies and the opportunity they have to relieve the pressure on GPs and the NHS.

Norman de Villiers, pharmacist, and Director of The Cardio Clinic, exhibited Uscom’s state of the art central blood pressure monitor at three political party conferences and The Pharmacy Show as part of the NPA’s campaign. A total of 1,072 measurements were taken from 799 people, and several cases of previously undiagnosed hypertension and heart conditions were detected by the BP+.

Norman de Villiers with Justin Madders, MP

The BP+ impressed both attendees and judges, and helped the NPA secure 1st place for best conference booth at two of the three party conference events. 

The Uscom BP+ “…tells a lot more about your heart health. We can measure more accurately the blood pressure on your heart and how flexible your arteries are; all of which gives us a better insight of exactly what is happening with your heart health.” Norman de Villiers – The Cardio Clinic

Norman de Villiers with Sue Sharpe, PSNC CEO

Compared to peripheral blood pressure, central BP more accurately represents the BP that affects the internal organs. Central BP also responds differently to treatment than conventional brachial BP.

Speaking on the value of local pharmacies, Ian Strachan, Chairman of the National Pharmacy Association said  “Pharmacies keep patients healthy and safe, and they keep patients living independently in their homes for longer.”  

The Uscom BP+ is revolutionising the way we treat hypertension, and supporting The Cardio Clinic and the NPA in the Support Your Local Pharmacy Campaign is a big step towards achieving this goal of changing Cardio Vascular health from reactive to preventative health care.