BP+ Applications

BP+ is ideal for use in the operating room, consulting room, gym and living room. Detailed below are various applications of the BP+ technology.


BP+ gives cardiologists a window into a patient's cardiac function and arterial status. With our simple to use device, in your office you can now accurately:

BP+ empowers both you and your patient to make better treatment decisions.


Motivate and manage your exercise program, whether you are exercising for fitness, fun or fame, with Uscom BP+.

BP+ provides an in-depth window into the performance of your heart and arteries, and is as simple to use as putting on a blood pressure cuff.

General Practice

BP+ seamlessly fits with your work-flow and provides the information you need to improve patient management.

Comprehensive cardiovascular assessment from an upper arm cuff.


BP+ efficiently provides important information for diagnosis, management and research of hypertension.

BP+ is fast and easy to use in the operating room, consulting room and dining room.


Provide fast, simple, in-store services that your customers will appreciate.

BP+ can help you connect and build ongoing relationships with your customers.


Uscom has an ongoing clinical research program spanning multiple institutions worldwide. These trials have shown that our technology is both sensitive to changes in physiology, and provides reliable results.

Wellness Industry

The Wellness Industry offers an opportunity for early detection of potential cardiovascular health problems. BP+ technology provides the leading edge in accuracy, simplicity, comfort, and affordability for performing detailed cardiac assessment in any setting at the work place or in the home. Using BP+ products means you are offering your customers the very best opportunity for early detection or to provide them with easy ongoing monitoring of any conditions they may have.

BP+ makes it simple to show your customers the health benefits of eating correctly and getting sufficient exercise. When they can see the measured effect for themselves, its much easier for them to make healthy lifestyle choices.