OXYCOMIntroducing OXYCOM - a revolution in circulatory management!

OXYCOM provides measures of oxygen delivery, non-invasively; USCOM Ultrasonic Cardiac Output Monitor combined with oximetric data provides beat-to-beat measures of oxygen delivery.

You can now use OXYCOM to monitor oxygen delivery for better circulatory diagnosis and management.

OXYCOM provides real time, non-invasive, simple and safe oxygen delivery (DO2). When circulation really matters, OXYCOM provides the answers. By measuring DO2 with OXYCOM, it’s now possible to target real circulatory optimization goals using fluid, inotropes and vasotherapies.


OXYCOM - real time, non-invasive oxygen delivery!

OXYCOMDO2 is the goal of circulatory optimization, and this involves optimizing the components of DO2. OXYCOM allows rational and safe measurement and optimization of DO2 and its components.

OXYCOM is useful in any environment in which normal circulation is critical or in disease where DO2 may be deranged such as sepsis, heart failure, hypertension, trauma, anesthesia, post surgery etc.

OXYCOM calculates DO2 from the entry of an Oxygen Saturation and Hemoglobin values from an external source.

The clinical fields of use include: