USCOM 1A Parameters

USCOM accurately measures cardiac flow, either from the suprasternal notch, where aortic flow is measured or parasternally, where we measure flow through the pulmonary valve. By adjusting the location and angle of the USCOM transducer, the operator optimizes the signal, by following both visual and audible cues from the USCOM display.
The system displays real-time, beat-to-beat data across many parameters of cardiac function using FlowTracer's automatic signal tracking.

Vpk: Peak Velocity of flow
vti: Velocity Time Integral
HR:Heart Rate
MD:Minute Distance
ET%:Ejection Time Percent
SV: Stroke Volume
SVI: Stroke Volume Index
SVV:Stroke Volume Variability
CO: Cardiac Output
CI: Cardiac Index
SVR:Systemic Vascular Resistance
SVRI:Systemic Vascular Resistance Index
Pmn:Mean Pressure Gradient
FT: Flow Time
FTc:Flow Time Corrected
SW: Stroke Work
CPO:Cardiac Power

With the addition of the OXYCOM product the following additional parameters are available:

SpO2: Oxygen Saturation
DO2:Oxygen Delivery
SVS:Stroke Volume Saturation

Trend information for any one of the parameters is displayed in graph form, providing a graphic easy to read assessment of changes in cardiac function, brought about by a change in the patient's condition, the impact of therapy or the impact of fluids management.
The parameters are displayed as the value, the difference to the previously saved value and the average of all values within the examination.
Measurements can be performed beat-to-beat or grouped over a number of beats.