USCOM 1A Transducer

Uscom has years of experience designing and developing ultrasonic devices to measure cardiac flow.

USCOM uses high fidelity continuous wave Doppler to accurately measure cardiac flow. Continuous wave Doppler is the most accurate and reproducible ultrasound modality with a sensitivity to change in the order of a few percent. Unlike pulsed wave Doppler, it is easy to use and more reproducible. Echocardiography, because of its primary focus on 2-D imaging, has increasingly been using highly focused beams, concentrating the power of the signal in a narrow space, in order to achieve optimal image resolution.
Uscom however, has developed a custom application of continuous wave Doppler ultrasound, using its unique divergent beam acoustics technology. This provides for a much broader ultrasonic beam, making the USCOM device easier to use and much less user-dependent than previous Doppler applications.

Uscom's divergent beam transducer operates at a frequency of 2.2.MHz.


The second generation Uscom transducer is an ergonomically designed transducer for user comfort and ease of targeting. The transducer includes Kevlar reinforced cables and advanced noise reduction shielding.

The transducer can be used to target the pulmonary and aortic valves on adults, pediatrics, infants and neonates. The innovative shape of the transducer enables easy access to the parasternal and suprasternal acoustic windows, while the simple click-on handle improves operator comfort and targeting.

transducer with cable