BP+ can be used anywhere a BP measurement is required and takes less than 90 seconds to perform. It can be used in the home, the clinic or research laboratory.


BP+ provides information for diagnosis, management and research of hypertension.

  • Accurate central BP and PWA - a more powerful predictor of cardiovascular events than peripheral BP and the emerging gold standard of care.
  • Reliable peripheral BP and pulse rate - the current standard in clinical hypertension
  • Augmentation index - a sensitive indicator of arterial age, status and response to treatment

BP+ is rapid and easy to use in the operating room, consulting room, laboratory and dining room.


BP+ is the cardiologists tool for hypertension and vascular health. The BP+ allows:

  • Direct measure of central BP and PWA – no generalised transfer function
  • Cardiovascular risk determination
  • Appropriate choice of hypertensive therapy
  • Monitor treatment response
  • Screen for arrhythmias

BP+ allows better treatment of hypertension.

General Practice

BP+ seamlessly fits with your work-flow and provides improved patient management.

  • Reliable and accurate BP and central BP measurement
  • Guides improved hypertension therapy
  • Screen for arrhythmias
  • Motivate and monitor the impact of healthy lifestyle choices on vascular health

Cardiovascular health assessment from an upper arm cuff.


Rapid, simple, in-store services that improve customers cardiovascular care.

  • New standard of care parameter – central BP
  • Measure accurate BP, pulse rate and PWA
  • Screen for abnormal heart rhythms
  • Monitor the effects of lifestyle, illness and medications on returning customers

BP+ can help you connect and build ongoing relationships with your customers.


The Uscom BP+ and BP+ Reporter are changing the way we understand, monitor and manage hypertension and cardiovascular disease. This novel technology allow researchers to develop new understandings of cardiovascular health and new therapies and that generate data for new publications.

Wellness Industry

The Wellness Industry offers an opportunity for early detection of cardiovascular disease. BP+ technology provides practice leading accuracy, simplicity, comfort, and affordability for performing detailed cardiac assessment in the home, the clinic or research laboratory. Using BP+ provides your customers with the most sensitive devices for early detection of cardiovascular disease and provides them with access to an easy ongoing monitoring programme.

BP+ provides simple measures for your customers to monitor the benefits of eating correctly, weight loss, smoking cessation and appropriate exercise, guiding them to a healthier lifestyle.


Uscom BP+ can be used to monitor the success of exercise programs, allowing never previously available insights into cardiovascular physiology.

  • Track Pulse Rate Variability to monitor fitness and screen for irregular heart rhythms
  • Track the cardiovascular effects of exercise on the arteries over days, weeks, months and years
  • Manage phased exercise programs

BP+ provides unique and novel insights into the performance of your heart and arteries, simply using a blood pressure cuff.


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