The Uscom BP+ is a Supra-systolic oscillometric central blood pressure (cBP) monitoring device which measures blood pressure and blood pressure waveforms at the heart, as well as in the arm; information only previously available using invasive cardiac catheterization.

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The BP+ and BP+ Reporter is the ideal cardiovascular research combination for the home, clinic or research laboratory. The Uscom BP+ replaces conventional and more widespread sub-systolic BP monitors, and is the emerging standard of care in hypertension, heart failure and vascular health. The Uscom BP+ provides a highly accurate and repeatable measurement of central and brachial blood pressure and pulse pressure waveforms for analysis (PWA) using a familiar upper arm cuff. The BP+ is simple to use and requires no complex training and has applications in hypertension, heart failure, intensive care, general practice and home care.

The Uscom BP+ Reporter is a patient archiving, analysis and reporting software for use with the Uscom BP+.

Compared to peripheral blood pressure, central BP more accurately represents the BP that affects the internal organs. Central BP also responds differently to treatment than conventional brachial BP.

The BP+ also measures peripheral BP, arterial stiffness, augmentation index, pulse rate variability and performs central and peripheral Pulse Waveform Analysis (PWA). It has a major application in hypertension research and management, ranging from the ICU to home care.


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