SpiroSonic Smart Front

SpiroSonic SMART

The SpiroSonic SMART is a high fidelity digital multi-path ultrasonic spirometer for use by general practitioners and patients. The SpiroSonic SMART provides a compact, mobile and affordable solution for screening COPD and asthma and is based on a touch screen device for optimized operator simplicity combined with wireless capabilities.


Volume & Flow Accuracy

± 3% or 50 mL/s whichever is greater

Maximum Volume

± 20 L

Flow Range

± 14 L/s

Sample Rate

100Hz Data / 100MHz Digital

Flow Tube Dimensions

Ø30 x 165 mm

Device Enclosure Dimensions

35 x 80 x 90 mm

Device Weight

200 grams


USB, Bluetooth (optional)


Internal 3.7 V Li-Ion battery


Rechargeable via 5V 500 mA mini USB charger


320×240 pixels, 262k colours with touchscreen

Measurement principle

Ultrasonic multiple-path


  • Connection to PC to synchronize with SpiroReporter PC software (optional)
  • User friendly interface with touchscreen display
  • Highly cost efficient design, robust, durable mechanics
  • No moving parts, durable factory calibration



  • User friendly and easy to use user interface with large Touchscreen display. Buttons, text entry screens and lists are easy to operate with fingertips, no pen is required.
  • Extensive database to store several hundred patient measurements. Features a name and ID search method to easily search and find patient data.
  • Audible human voice interpretation and measurement control: during measurements the devices audibly explains how to improve manoeuvre quality.
  • Tutorial presentation system for increased patient compliance. The device screens a simplified video tutorial to explain measurement taking and device usage. In case of an error or poor manoeuvre such as prematurely stopped FVC, coughing, slow starting, poor effort, short expiration, or failed reproducibility, the device will outline the possible cause.
  • Direct tutorial specifically focusing on the common reasons for errors and poor manoeuvres.
  • ATS/ERS and NLHEP interpretation systems for automated pulmonary diagnostics. The device automatically processes FVC trials and provides suggestions for improvement of manoeuvre quality.
  • NHANES III, Knudson, Crapo and Hsu measurement prediction formulas included. Ethnic correction factor is directly supported.
  • Audible chirp during measurements to incite the patient to perform better manoeuvres.
  • Directly connect to HP and Brother Printers via USB for direct measurement report printing, capability to print both current and older trials.
  • Synchronize device database with a PC to archive data: Device contents can be archived directly to SpiroReporter PC software.
  • Option to use imperial and metric measurement unit systems.
  • 3 L calibration verification module to check device precision.

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