Noninvasive Hemodynamic Monitor

Improve Care

Reduce Risk

Reduce Cost

Clarifies hemodynamic status. Early diagnosis.
Simple, safe and fast. Reproducible and reliable.
Noninvasive cardiac output and stroke volume.
    BP+ with Central Blood Pressure.
Evidence and Education

New BP+ Sales Video

Uscom has launched new Uscom BP+ videos for Sales, Education and Training. View all videos on the Vimeo Channel

Improve Care

  • Individualized Optimization
  • Rapid diagnosis and treatment
  • Directed and appropriate treatment

Reduce Risk

  • No invasive lines
  • Easy to learn
  • Right medication at the right time

Reduce Cost

  • Fast, easy to learn and economical
  • No supplies and accessories
  • Reproducible and reliable

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How It Works
News and Events

Latest News

  • Uscom CEO presents to the Morgans Network
  • Medicina Materno-Fetale with Vega
  • American Society of Anesthesiologists Meeting 2016
  • World Sepsis Day 2016
  • Uscom Meets with Chinese Health Minister
  • Medica Asia - Singapore
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Recent Announcements

  • Uscom ends 2016 with record manufacturing
  • Uscom Awarded Euro Grant for Lung Cancer Diagnostic
  • Uscom CEO Appointed to Govt China Initiative
  • CE Mark for New Uscom Asthma and COPD Devices
  • Quarterly Report to 30 September 2016
  • Paediatric Sepsis Outcomes Improved With USCOM
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Upcoming Events

  • Third National Conference on Pediatric Critical Physicians of CMDA, Beijing, China - Apr 13
  • NAA North American Artery 2017, Chicago, USA - May 19
  • ESPNIC 2017, Lisbon, Portugal - Jun 06
  • PCRRT 2017, Orlando, USA - Aug 31
  • EUISSHP, Berlin, Germany - Sep 06
  • ERS 2017, Milan, Italy - Sep 09
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