Uscom SpiroSonic Devices for French Lung Transplant Study

Uscom has announced a partnership with French Company Aqsitania SAS to use the new Uscom SpiroSonic tSpiro telemetric pulmonary function devices for the monitoring and improved management of lung transplant patients. The tSpiro devices are advanced multi-path ultrasonic spirometers that connect wirelessly to personal communication devices, and ultimately web based software applications to monitor and analyse respiratory function allowing cost effective home care monitoring.

Key Points

  • Lung transplantation is expensive and requires on going pulmonary functional monitoring
  • Uscom tSpiro multi-path ultrasonic spirometers provide practice leading pulmonary function measurements
  • Uscom digital connectivity allows for home care monitoring of lung transplantation patients
  • Aqsitania SAS is a French Company specialising in eHealth applications of advanced signal analysis and modelling particularly of respiratory function and development of Personal Respiratory Profiles (PRPs)
  • Aqsitania have purchased approximately 100 Uscom tSpiro devices for the pilot project, with further orders for several hundred devices anticipated for the second phase of the project

The Uscom tSpiro platform of devices are currently under consideration for use by a number of digital telemetric asthma and COPD solution companies around the world developing cloud based monitoring and diagnosis software and analytics models
tSpiro devices are approved for European sales, and are currently being submitted for US FDA and Chinese CFDA approval.
The Aqsitania SAS Lung Transplantation project is supported by European Union funding.
Uscom’s Global Head of Digital Pulmonary Devices, George Ferenczi said, “Our new SpiroSonic tSpiro devices deliver research quality digital ultrasonic telemetric spirometry into the home care market, allowing specialist monitoring of pulmonary function in the patient’s home, providing more effective management and reducing expensive hospital attendances. Application of tSpiro for monitoring and guiding management of lung transplantation patients is new, and expands our established application in Asthma, COPD and Occupation Lung Disease.”

Executive Chairman of Uscom, Associate Professor Rob Phillips said, “Digital telemetric spirometry is the future of pulmonary medicine and we are at the forefront of this field. Aqsitania SAS is a world leader in pulmonary function signal analysis, and their algorithms depend on the highest quality spirometry sensors. We are delighted they are using Uscom tSpiro devices for their program to improve the care of lung transplants patients. We are already leaders in digital cloud based home care for asthma and COPD and Occupational Lung Disease Monitoring, and this is a further clinical application for our new SpiroSonic devices.

Digital cloud based pulmonary monitoring is an emerging global trend in clinical care, and provides for early detection of changes in pulmonary function and improved guidance of therapy. This collaboration between Aqsitania SAS and Uscom Europe is supported by European Union funding is recognition of the superior quality of the SpiroSonic digital spirometers.

Uscom manufactures and markets the USCOM 1A, the Uscom BP+, and the Uscom SpiroSonic digital ultrasonic spirometry technologies. These premium digital devices are changing the way we diagnose and treat cardiovascular and pulmonary diseases, including hypertension, heart failure, asthma, COPD and sleep disorders. The products are integral for optimising management of sepsis and guidance of fluid, inotropes and vasoactive therapies in critical care monitoring, and in clinical and home care delivered asthma and COPD medications.