USCOM 1A Transducer


USCOM 1A is a non-invasive, transcutaneous Doppler ultrasound device designed to simplify acquisition and storage of high-fidelity measurement and trending information of cardiovascular performance. It uses state-of-the art electronics, high fidelity ultrasonics and advanced signal processing to deliver accurate and simple measurements of Cardiac Output. Advanced trend analysis and reporting are provided using the proprietary Uscom Reporter software. The USCOM 1A monitor provides an intuitive touch screen user interface allowing for instant access to both live and recorded information. The USCOM 1A monitor can store tens-of-thousands of patient files and weighs just 6 kilograms. The USCOM 1A is available with its own custom roll stand, making it highly portable and ideal for transfer from patient-to-patient or ward-to-ward.



USCOM 1A uses high fidelity continuous wave Doppler to accurately measure cardiac blood flow. Continuous wave Doppler is the most accurate and reproducible ultrasound modality with a sensitivity to hemodynamic change in the order of 2-3%. Unlike pulsed wave Doppler, it is easy to use and more reproducible and doesn't depend on accurate sample volume placement. Echocardiography is primarily focused on 2-D imaging, and has been validated to monitor cardiac morphology but not hemodynamics.

However Uscom has developed a custom application of continuous wave Doppler ultrasound, using unique divergent beam acoustics technology. This utilises a broad rather than focused ultrasound beam, making the USCOM 1A device easier to use and less user-dependent than previous Doppler devices. Uscom's divergent beam transducer operates at a frequency of 2.2.MHz.


OXYCOM provides real time, non-invasive, simple and safe oxygen delivery (DO2) measurements. When circulation really matters, OXYCOM provides the answers. By measuring DO2 with OXYCOM, it’s possible to target real circulatory optimization goals using fluid, inotropes and vasotherapies.

USCOM 1A oxycom

DO2 is the goal of circulatory optimization, and this involves optimizing the underlying components of DO2. OXYCOM allows rational and safe measurement and optimization of DO2 and its components.

OXYCOM is useful in any environment in which normal circulation is critical or in disease where DO2 may be deranged such as sepsis, heart failure, hypertension, trauma, anaesthesia, post-surgery etc.





USCOM directly and accurately measures cardiac flow, either from the suprasternal notch, where aortic flow is measured, or parasternally, where pulmonary flow is measured. By adjusting the location and angle of the USCOM 1A transducer, the operator optimizes the signal following visual cues from the USCOM 1A display.


Measurement Description
Vpk Peak Velocity of flow
vti Velocity Time Integral
HR Heart Rate
MD Minute Distance
ET% Ejection Time Percent
SV Stroke Volume
SVI Stroke Volume Index
SVV Stroke Volume Variability
CO Cardiac Output
CI Cardiac Index
SVR Systemic Vascular Resistance
SVRI Systemic Vascular Resistance Index
Pmn Mean Pressure Gradient
FT Flow Time
FTc Flow Time Corrected
SW Stroke Work
CPO Cardiac Power
SMII Inotropy Index
PKR Potential Kinetic Ratio
CVP Central Venous Pressure
MAP Mean Blood Pressure
SYS Systolic Blood Pressure
DIA Diastolic Blood Pressure
Height Patient’s height in cm or inches
Weight Patient’s weight in kgms or pounds
BSA Body Surface Area
OTD Outflow Tract Diameter

With the addition of the OXYCOM product the following additional parameters are available:

SpO2 Oxygen Saturation
DO2 Oxygen Delivery
SVS Stroke Volume Saturation
Hb Hemoglobin

Measures can be saved individually or grouped and averaged over a 3, 7 or 14s period. The parameters are displayed as the value (v), the difference to the previously saved value (Δ) and the average of all values within the examination (avg).

The trend tab displays graphical information, that provides a simply assessed monitor of serial cardiac function.


USCOM 1A Trend Screen

The USCOM 1A displays 31 parameters of cardiovascular performance.

Seven are user entered values - Central Venous Pressure (CVP), Diastolic Blood Pressure, Systolic Blood Pressure, Oxygen Saturation (SpO2), Hemoglobin (Hb), Height and Weight.


Oxygen Delivery (DO2), Stroke Volume Saturation (SVS), SpO2 and Hb are displayed and/or calculated when the OXYCOM option is enabled.





x86 compatible
Low Power


LCD TFT Flatscreen
12.1" active screen size
800 x 600 pixels
256k colours
LED backlight


AccuTouch - 5 wire resistive
4096 x 4096 resolution


2.2MHz Transducer
< 100mW/cm² output
Digital signal processing with FFT
Custom IIR filters
Audio output


Divergent beam profile
Reliable long term targeting
Ergonomic grip and handle


More than 500,00 exams
Solid State Disk


Microsoft CE
Uscom custom platform


Ethernet - Network printing
USB - Local printing
USB - Flash drive export


Height - 310mm
Width - 350mm
Depth - 180mm
Weight - 5.4kg


Rechargeable Smart Battery (Li-lon)
Internal charger and removable
High capacity - over two hours, 7200mAh
Status monitoring
Industrial quality


Universal input voltage 100-240VAC
65W 15V output
Medically isolated and approved
Short circuit protection
Over voltage protection


Digital Connectivity - HL7
Roll stand
Pole mounting attachments

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